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Situated amidst the lush green hills of itanagar, the state capital, the school has developed in leaps and bounds since its inception on 14th November 1981. The present high standard, both academic as well as non-academic has made D.P.V.B the premier residential, co-educational school of the whole northeast region. This singular achievement has been possible only with the diligent and tireless efforts of the chairman of the Donyi Polo Mission, Mr. Gegong Apang, the then chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh. Together with an extremely dedicated and excellent administration and well-knit team of laborious and devoted teachers, the school has scaled unbelievable heights. 40 years of academic has spoken for itself. The excellent qualities of the children has enabled the school to be classified as an Avant-Garde school. The children have proved worthy pupils, eager to learn and put unstinting labour. They have not only excelled in academics and sports, but the most important aspects of a public school-social living, with all its norms and regulations. For it is only in a public school and specially a residential one that the full potential of child can be fully tapped.


Chairmans's Message

I had a Dream to establish an ideal educational institution for all round development of children of NE region. The year was 1981. I took the first step to translate my dream into reality by establishing Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan.

The 40 years which rolled by saw the Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan has graduating from a small school to a premier educational institution of the country. Recently it has earned the prestigious membership to the Indian Public Schools Conference.

It gives me much comfort to note that donpolians have not only excelled in academics but have also performed exceedingly well in the fields of sports, debating, seminars, and other extra-curricular activities of social value which have not only earned them a name for themselves but also for the state. Indeed, much of the credit goes to the sincere and dedicated services rendered by principal and members of the teaching faculties. I appreciate their efforts in making Donyi Polo Vidya Bhawan an ideal educational institution. My dream has since been fulfilled. I feel extremely gratified and am obliged to the principal and the teachers for their unrelenting efforts in realizing my dream.

Iam confident, with the blessings of almighty Donyi Polo this maiden venture in creative writing of Donpolians shall be a grand and everlasting success.

Vision & Values

  • To impart quality education on public school lines keeping in view Indian culture in particular and that of the world in general.

  • To equip the young generation with the qualities of a good citizen and those of an even better human being with a global vision.

  • To strengthen in the young generation the desirable attributes of character i.e. honesty, courage, discipline, integrity, self confidence and resourcefulness.

  • To make them morally strong and socially responsible by cultivating positive attributes to become ideal working professionals with clear objectives.

  • To foster creativity and inculcate values in life to face the new challenges of the 21st century.

  • To enable the young generation to stand for the ideals of Freedom and Independence which constitute the core of the working ethics of the Institution in an uncompromising manner.

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