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The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and has classes from Lower Kindergarten (LKG) to Ten Plus Two (10+2). At the higher secondary level there are three groups; Science, Commerce and Humanity. There are five distinct educational levels Preparatory, Primary. Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary each planned to cater the particular needs of the students of their age-group while simultaneously providing their vertical mobility with lateral thinking.


It is note worthy that Computer Courses are offered from Standard I onwards.

The school has a carefully selected School Teachers drawn from different parts of the country. The desired teachers students ratio (1:15) and healthy teacher taught relationship team of Public enables individual attention which helps in laying a sound foundation for academic excellence. The result in the Board Examinations have always been excellent.


The academic subjects are grouped under various faculties and each faculty is headed by a well experienced senior teacher. Regular faculty meetings are held to review the work of the students and to discuss important academic matters with a well chalked out and streamlined daily routine.


The students are properly focused to reach their full potential and are taught the importance of sound working habits. No student is allowed to or has the opportunity to idle away any time.






Art & Craft


Physical Education







Modem well equipped science laboratories are the backbone of the science faculty of our school. There are separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Research facility at micro level is available under the expertise of heads of the department. Qualified laboratory technicians and laboratory assistants help the students in the practical periods under the guidance of subject expert.



The school has got an excellent fully air conditioned conference hall with a capacity of 100 seats. The prestigious INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS CONFERENCE was held here in 1996 and 2006.



The school has a well equipped auditorium with a seating capacity of 500.



The school has excellent library facility with over 10,000+ volumes of book and it subscribes to over 40 periodicals and magazines. With the help of a qualified librarian and the open shelf system, the students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and to use the library as an important centre for learning.



The school has separate boarding hostel for boys and girls. The students of the school are allotted to the four houses Subansiri, Siang, Kameng and Tirap with a total boarding capacity for 300. The house system is an integral part of our school and helps to co-ordinate various activities in the corporate life and leads to the building of "Espirit de corps" and camaraderie of a lasting nature. Each house is placed under a house master/mistress, who is directly responsible for the discipline and general well being of the inmate of the house. He/she is assisted in his/her task by a team of tutors warden/matron. The latter attend to the material administration of the houses. Nannies with special aptitudes for looking after the very young children are attached to the hostels so that the personal needs of the children are scrupulously attended to.





Under the careful planning of a qualified dietician, a well balanced wholesome diet and nutritious food, both vegetarian and non vegetarian with Indian and continental is provided. All the members of the teaching faculty dine with the students. The visiting parents are welcome to scrutinize the weekly menu, weekly menu displayed on the dining hall notice board. The menu is changed every week to bring in variety. The school especially caters to the need of the children who are physically weak. Sick children are provided the prescribed diet on the advice of the Medical officer. The school kitchen is hygienically maintained under the supervision of the qualified head cook. The school dining hall has a seating capacity of 200 at a time.



Regular inter-house competitions are held throughout the year in various sports and other co-curricular activities which foster healthy rivalry and competitive spirit. The houses vie with one another to keep the house flag aloft and to win the coveted COCK HOUSE TROPHY.



Training in administration is a must for the young students. The prefect system forms the backbone of life in a public school and so is the case here in DPVB. The initiative and the capabilities of individual students are continually watched and those with inherent cultivated leadership qualities are selected to the Prefect Council. The students' affairs are managed by this council headed by the School Captains (Boys and Girls). At the house level, The House Master /Mistress and tutors are assisted by senior students acting as House Captains and prefects.



The school encourages students and provides ample opportunities for them to participate in a wide range of co curricular activities. True to the tradition of the Public Schools, both staff and pupils participate in a wide variety of activities organized by various clubs and societies which encourage initiative discipline, qualities of leadership, self motivation and ability to work both with and for others. Provision is made in the time table for co-curricular activities. Pupils make good use of specialized facilities and staff expertise in art, design, clay modeling, music, drama, computing and electronics. Our debating society thrives and the school teams have done well in recent years in both regional and national competitions.



There are spacious playgrounds for Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn tennis, Volleyball, Tennis, Skating etc. and facilities for indoor games are also available. Regular coaching is given in Athletics, Tae-Kwando, Football, Basketball and mass physical training. Martial arts



Various hobby-clubs such as Literary Club, Science Club, Wood Working Club, Painting Club, Photography Club, Computer Club, Home Science Club etc. help the children pursue their hobbies and other such interests.


 The school arranges regular outings and educational tours for all students both at National and Intertional levels.


 Facilities for the teaching of music, both Indian and western, also exist. Every student is expected to become proficient in at least one musical instrument during the course of his/her stay here. Indian classical dance is also an integral part of our co curricular programme. Good and educative English films are also shown during weekends.



Entertainment society comprising representatives of the students and staff is responsible for providing a variety of well planned entertainment video film shows, Fresher Night, Farewell to outgoing students, Teacher's Day, Children's Day celebration etc.



The school has a counselling Centre where students of the senior classes are offered career information counselling and guidance based on scientifically structured aptitude tests. Children in the lower classes receive appropriate counselling and guidance to develop their latent abilities and improve their learning skills. Emotional and personal problems of the students are also dealt within the school counselling center.



 In order to build up a good rapport with the children, the school has a system of tutorials. Tutorials are conducted house wise and each House Tutor has a special charge of about 10 students. Their meetings are informal and may take place over a little refreshment. Students discuss their problems or topics of interest with the tutor who acts as a friend, philosopher and guide. Problems, if any are brought to the notice of the teacher concerned and are sorted out in the most prompt manner.



 The school has its own Dairy, poultry and Vegetable farm to meet its in-house needs of fresh milk, eggs, meat and seasonal




 The school has its own infirmary for non-chronic ailments under the charge of Medical Officer. All the children are examined in the beginning of each term by the Medical Officer. A report of the examination is sent to the parents. In case of students suffering from serious illness and requiring special treatment. Specialists may be consulted at the parent's cost. Tonics, if any prescribed will be administered by the school at the parent's cost.

 In the event of a child falling ill and remaining in the infirmary for more than an intimation is sent to the parents/guardian. This is just an intimation and should not be taken as an S.O.S. If it is desired that the parents should visit the child or take the child home or to a better hospital on special request to that effect is sent to the parent/ Guardian.



 The school has its own laundry with well-equipped automatic washing machine, hydra extractor and drying machine. The students are expected to keep their clothing neat and clean.



 The school has a cooperative store which caters to the students apparel (including tailoring of clothes) and for the purchase of toilet articles, uniforms, text books, stationery etc.



 The school has got a stand by generator of 125 KVA capacity which provides power in case of failure of Hydel Power Supply.



Parents / Guardians visiting the school are required to call at the school office first and the office will make arrangements to call the child. They are requested not to go to the dormitory or class rooms.


In the case of new admissions, Parents/ Guardians are not allowed to visit their wards in the school for one month after the child has joined the school. This is strictly adhered to.




Every second Saturday of the month between 2 PM to 5 PM. or


Every Sunday between 10 AM to 6 PM.

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